Roelof and Remke van Til

We are a Dutch couple who live amongst the poorest farming communities in rural Congo. After completing our studies in agriculture (Roelof) and tropical medicine (Remke) we moved to the developing world. Along without three children, Jelte, Minke and Margreet, we lived in rural Congo for nine years amongst the poorest communities. We also lived in Mozambique (five years) and Cambodia (three years). We moved back to the Netherlands to support our children through university, but Roelof continued his work as a tropical agriculturalist, traveling to developing countries with various NGO’s.

We have a passion for the poorest farming families, and since our children have grown up, we have returned to live among them in Congo. With our years of experience, and expert knowledge and research skills, we have developed the 4 Pillars technique uniquely for them. We want to continue improving these techniques with them, whilst working alongside them every day.